Harlequin Cascade is renowned for being the most supple, stable dance floor on the market. A whole generation of directors and professional dancers have been won over by its durability. The lightly embossed surface has an excellent grip that gives dancers complete confidence.

The Classical School of Ballet students dance on a full floating wood and closed cell foam block flooring system. Pictured is the floor from our previous location at 124 South J street. The new floor system at 1313 A North H street uses updated assembly techniques and closed cell foam blocking to achieve the energy absorbing and flexibility as the previous floor system.

The floor provides for shock absorption and spring that gives the dancers a safe and energetic surface to dance on. The ability of a dance floor to absorb impact energy is an important aspect of a safe dance floor. Floors that do not absorb impact energy can transfer that energy from jumps and landings back through the body of the dancer. Besides fatigue, floors that do not provide shock absorption can cause injury from repetitively over stressing the spine, tendons, ligaments, and joints of the body.

The top layer of the dance floor is a Harlequin Cascade flooring that is designed to give the dancers just the right amount of friction for dance. This floor has a lightly textured surface which eliminates the need to apply rosin to point shoes. 

Full floating wood sprung dance floor